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Bowie, MD
  September 6, 2021

Kevin Connors and Danielle Gonzalez made the process easy and were always ready to answer a question - no matter how many times we called!

Tobyhanna, PA
  July 21, 2021

Great service.

Beaufort, SC
  July 12, 2021

Jake Burt provided excellent service and was very helpful during the process. Jake made our home buying process so much easier.

New Llano, LA
  July 3, 2021

Very easy and quickly done. Kevin and jake where on top there game

Elizabeth, NJ
  June 20, 2021

The customer service, quick response, timely notifications about documents needed to be submitted or signed… just the overall experience was easy.

Germantown, MD
  June 18, 2021

Kevin was communicative throughout the entire process.

Dallas, TX
  June 11, 2021

Kevin and Danielle were good at keeping us informed along the process. There were a few delays in our closing date and towards the end we did not even know when we were closing. The day of closing I had to call only to be informed that the date had been pushed back to the following week. Overall, it was an ok experience, but everything turned out for the best and we did close on our house.

Greensboro, NC
  June 1, 2021

Kevin was awesome, he helped through the entire process and explained everything I needed to know. I’m grateful for him and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home. He called me every week to update me, this was a huge help to not be Wondering.

Silver Spring, MD
  May 20, 2021

I truly appreciate all of Kevin's efforts during this arduous process. He was professional, helpful and communicated with me regularly. I felt comfortable approaching him with questions and he was always ready to answer them. Thank you to Kevin and Peoples Mortgage for helping me with buying my first home.

Clifton, NJ
  May 20, 2021

Smooth transaction

Belleville, NJ
  May 12, 2021

Great service as a first time home buyer I had plenty of questions they walk me through every step made my journey comfortable

Baton Rouge, LA
  April 23, 2021

Wonderful experience working with this Morgage team. I am sure it was the fastest close ever

Painter, VA
  April 22, 2021

Overall, working with People's Mortgage was a great experience that I would recommend to my fellow teachers. They were always accessibly and quick to respond to our questions and concerns. They were also very transparent with the process and made sure we understood everything that was happening at each step of the way. The only deterrent that I had with the process was the amount of times our loan officer changed. They were all very polite and professional, but there was a point when we were a little confused when we started with a Monica, went to a Basil, and then to a Kevin.

toms river, NJ
  January 21, 2021

Kevin was a pleasure working with.

Indianapolis, IN
  January 4, 2021

Buying a home should be a fun and exciting experience. At first, everything was going great. I had Jose Palomar really convince me that with everything that Peoples Mortgage had to offer, I was in good hands. Since I didn't need a realtor (purchase from a family member), he promised to take care of everything.

Unfortunately, Jose was promoted to sales manager and I was handed off to Kevin Connors. At first he checked in with me, but as time went on, communication became an issue. My closing date was to be December 7th, 2020 and I had to change the date several times due to last minute notices on missing paperwork or speaking with my Title company. Since I didn't have a realtor, I was informed last minute that I was the one who was supposed to set up the appointment. This is contrary to what Jose had told me. Also, Kevin said that he thought I closed on December 21st because I "told him I did." This is untrue as I had spent several hours confronting him over the phone over why he didn't have the necessary paperwork for my Title company that very day!

Also, he claimed that it was "illegal" to get a verbal confirmation of employment and process it the same day. This caused me to reschedule yet again because he was not prepared. On December 29th (my closing day), he needed to verbally confirm my employment status (3rd time total) and told me that they could process it the same day. It would be illegal if we did the pay stub the same day. Yet again, he lied to me and said the complete opposite of what he had said before.

There were several other issues such as giving the appraisal company the wrong home selling price and blaming the appraiser even though they sent him the old and incorrect document. He had told me that he and his team were having issues reaching out to the appraiser over the course of a few days. I was able to contact him with one phone call. Not to mention that I never got my CD until 45 minutes before I closed and only because I had to ask. I was supposed to get it 3 days in advance to review as per the course that I had to take to use Peoples Mortgage; a course that Kevin failed to tell me about until the final month of my closing.

Throughout the entire process, Kevin consistently let me down as a "representative" and lied on multiple occasions. When confronted with these things, he never once apologized and only said, "I understand." I felt as though I had to babysit him to remind him to do his job. That is completely unacceptable. For someone who doesn't know the law or how to do his job, I am appalled that he even has one.

As for Jose, I understand why he was promoted to sales manager. That's all he can do. He can lie and sell you on the idea that Peoples Mortgage is there to help you. Of course all of his promises ended up being non existent and were built on lies. I even contacted the manager about these two and had to leave a voicemail. This message was never returned so I felt as though nobody at that branch cared one bit.

If you choose to let fools and fraudsters run your company, then I can't recommend your company to anyone. In fact, I'd rather go out of my way and tell them all the reasons why they should avoid Peoples Mortgage. You should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves.
Kevin Connors replied on January 4, 2021
Hello Cody, We appreciate you taking the time to provide the feedback of your experience. We always strive to deliver exceptional customer service and we are saddened to see that you do not feel you received that. We would like to discuss this in further detail, therefore a manager will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you again- we value your opinion and look forward to speaking withy you soon.

Palmdale, CA
  December 28, 2020

Extremely helpful and very responsive!

Harvey, LA
  December 10, 2020

Kevin continuously kept me in the loop of my client's process. Kevin effectively communicated verbally and written to my client and myself. It was truly a pleasure working with Kevin. I look forward to future endeavors.

Houston, TX
  December 5, 2020

Kevin and his team at People's Mortgage were amazing. From the very start, they were in tune to what we wanted and needed. They helped with processing paperwork, finding a realtor, and actively assisted along every step of the way. They were proactive in the lending and application process, and as a result our loan processed quickly and without additional conditions. Every time we had questions, they made themselves available and were extremely helpful. We would highly recommend them and use them again!

Hollywood, FL
  December 1, 2020

Very good

LaPlace, LA
  November 15, 2020

Kevin was extremely helpful during this process. He answered calls, emails etc. He made sure my concerns were answered quickly and answered to the best of his ability. Thank you Kevin

Fort Wayne, IN
  September 17, 2020

Very appreciative of the help. Everyone was very helpful. Towards the end, things got really confusing. I didn't know who to contact for what. I had multiple people contacting me for things. I was told that things were not completed, although they were. I was told last minute that certain things needed to be submitted.

Silver Spring, MD
  September 15, 2020

Kevin was extremely helpful in this whole process. The only issue I had was dealing with gift funds, but otherwise I had a wonderful experience.

Saint Petersburg, FL
  September 7, 2020

Everyone I worked with was upfront and helpful. My questions were always answered. I knew what to expect every step of the way.

Anderson, SC
  September 7, 2020

Kevin was very helpful.

owings mills, MD
  August 7, 2020

provide maximum money and lowest interest per credit score.

Clover, SC
  July 26, 2020

Kevin definitely gets a 5 stars. More than 5 if it was possible. Jason gets 4.

Greenville, SC
  July 2, 2020

They were very helpful at the beginning but became hard to contact and added a lot of frustration closer to closing.

Wellsboro, PA
  June 25, 2020

Everyone was super helpful with walking us through the process of purchasing our first home! Thanks so much!

Plano, TX
  June 22, 2020

Kevin worked tirelessly to find us the best mortgage options possible. He tailored the services specifically to our needs. Despite the time difference (he was in Arizona and we were in Texas) he answered all of my questions and responded usually within the hour. He made us feel very secure about our purchase.

Huntington, IN
  June 1, 2020

My overall experience was positive. I am very grateful for the program and for the financing for our new home. To provide some constructive feedback, I do think there is room for improvement in the interpersonal areas. At times I was made to feel that my questions were a burden. I also had to ask multiple times for some of my requests to be carried out as I asked. Lastly, and the thing that really bothered me the most, once I signed for my home the only response I received from Peoples Mortgage was this survey. No congratulations, no acknowledgment of attaining this accomplishment that I had worked with them towards for 2 months, nothing. I really didn't like that.

I would like to include that my experience with the Real Estate Agent, Orville Haney, found and provided by Peoples Mortgage was outstanding. Highly recommended. He provided an exceptional interpersonal experience and was very knowledgeable, I would suggest taking some pointers from him.

Jamestown, IN
  May 15, 2020

It was easy working with Kevin, and appreciate his help with all our first-time home-buying questions!


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